Congratulations to the 2022 Burlington Healthy Community Coalition B-ESD 8th Grade Citizenship Award recipients…

Meet Autumn Friedrichs

“There is nothing ostentatious, or showy or pretentious about Autumn. Reaching out to help others is in her basic nature without a hint of concern about whether or not it is noticed or recognized by others. Her actions are a genuine extension of her empathy and concern for others. This award is likely to come as a complete surprise to her since she isn’t likely to view her actions as anything extraordinary, which is a testament to just how extraordinary she truly is. Autumn is always willing to lend a helping hand with things that need to get done to prepare for the class assignments, like science labs and similar. She has an innate awareness of others needs and always looks for ways to help. She constantly has a smile on her face and a positive outlook on life.

Autumn is the ambassador of all that is right in the world. She is a giver, a problem-solver, a voice for the underdog, an observer, and is one of the kindest, sunniest people in our school. Edison is a place where we greet each other in the hallways and Autumn is always one of the first to do so. She makes sure to include all students that are in her class table on group assignments. She is always ready with a smile and hello, she has no idea what a ray of sunshine she truly is. Autumn is kind to everyone and always finds a way to build others up. She has an attitude of making sure others are in a good place in order for her to be in a good place. She often does little things, like getting supplies for others, that add up over time to demonstrate how much she cares about others. She thinks of little things that will make others’ days happier and enjoyable.”

We wish Autumn much success in her bright future!

Meet Bennett Lenz

“Bennett is a natural leader amongst his class, and has a huge heart for those students whose voices may not always be heard. He is diligent in helping them feel engaged and heard, too.

Bennett is a leader in our Pride Club and seeks to encourage and truly hear each student’s perspective on every issue discussed in their meetings. He brings joy to his friends, and they actively seek him out when in distress or just in need of a pick-me-up.

Bennett is an LU fan; he positively engages in all the activities that happen on our campus, and he does it with a huge smile every time.”

Congratulations, Bennett! We wish you much success in your bright future.

Meet Daniel Rentz

“Daniel is known for being able to work with any student in any classroom on any project.

He is always looking for ways to help. Daniel shows kindness to every person he meets. He says, “Have a good day” whenever he leaves a room.

Daniel is also extremely genuine. When students are out with sickness or absent, he always asks how they are when they return. He sincerely cares about others’ well being.

Congratulations, Daniel! We wish you much success in your bright future.

Meet Halo Bifoss

“Halo always has a smile on her face. If she sees her peers struggling with something she is the first to jump in to help, with school, friendships, or anything else.

Halo is extremely thoughtful. When her classmates are down, she is there to comfort them.

She is always aware of what others need and is willing to either help them or help them find help if it is something outside of her abilities.”

Congratulations, Halo! We wish you much success in your bright future.

Honoring Youth with our Annual 8th Grade Citizenship Award

Since 1996, our group has recognized an outstanding 8th grade student from each elementary school in the Burlington-Edison School District. School district staff nominate students for this honor based on a set of predefined attributes. The awards are presented at the 8th grade graduation ceremonies.

The honorees receive an award certificate, a presentation letter, and a token of appreciation from the BHCC, and their names are engraved on perpetual plaques that remain at their elementary schools.

Students are selected for demonstrating the following qualities:

  • A positive and helpful attitude

  • Respect towards fellow students and staff members

  • A sincere concern and care for classmates
  • Consistently engage in prosocial activities

All four students were highlighted during the 2022 summer on our BHCC Facebook page