Jeff’s history with BHCC

Jeff started participating in the Coalition about 10 years ago in his role as an administrator for the Burlington-Edison School District. His path to leadership started as an executive team officer and he then became BHCC’s President in 2018.

Proudest Moments

A major accomplishment during Jeff’s tenure as President was receiving the Drug Free Communities grant. Collaborating with United General District 304 to write the grant and secure ongoing funding for the Coalition is a legacy he feels incredibly proud of! The time spent as a group redefining BHCC’s mission and the different ways the Coalition promoted youth leadership in Burlington was also very fulfilling.

Hopes for BHCC

In reflecting on his hopes for the future of BHCC, Jeff shared that it was good to see the Coalition opening up to more community members, expanding beyond school district leaders. He also emphasizes the fact that, in the Coalition, everyone’s contribution is important, encouraged, and respected and he hopes to see:

  • More engagement with youth, and a stronger youth facilitated component in the future
  • The DFC grant giving a larger focus to support student engagement, including more of a student/youth coalition than adult coalition
  • Expanded representation of community involvement in the coalition, including engagement with historically marginalized communities

Members of the BHCC Executive Team recognize Jeff Brown for his dedication to the group during his three years as President. He has made a positive impact on the Coalition by:

  • Facilitating BHCC meetings with warmth, humor, and enthusiasm.
  • Shepherding the team through the application process and award of the Drug Free Communities grant, which culminated in the hiring of a full-time coordinator (Liz!) that will shape the future of BHCC.
  • Building cohesion within BHCC while navigating the unpredictable challenges of the pandemic, including the move to virtual meetings.
  • Ensuring the continuation of our annual 8th grade Citizenship Awards during virtual and hybrid school years and virtual 8th grade End Of Year promotion ceremonies.
  • Maintaining important relationships with the Burlington-Edison School District and United General District 304
  • Recruiting new Coalition members with deep insight into working with youth, including the onboarding of key contributors to community wellness: B-ESD head nurse, Tessa, homeless services liaison, Kim, Intervention Specialist, Steve, and Beth from United General District 304.
  • Being an inspirational, solution minded, calm, and smiling leader. We have been lucky to have our very own “Farmer Jeff” on BHCC!

Continued Involvement

Jeff will continue to stay on as an advisor to the new president of BHCC (as is tradition) and attend Coalition meetings as a member.

Ever a leader in our community, Jeff will be kicking off his Presidency at The United Way of Skagit County this year!

Jeff’s Words of Wisdom

“What I’ve learned is that we have an incredibly caring and supportive community, who want to see our student body supported and have the opportunities that allow them to grow into positive, contributing members of our community”